Because I can.
I work and live in Africa.
Kenya and Sudan, mostly.
Since August ’06.

CHNEPR is a way friends and family can keep up with my wild and wacky daily life.

It’s recreational for me.

As I hope it is for you.

CHNEPR has no affiliation with any organization, firm, or individual other than the author.
All views and opinions expressed are representive of the author.
(I’m gonna go ahead and throw in a)
© chnepr 2007 Creative Commons


4 Responses to Why?

  1. Nick says:

    your blog is just too deadly!

    In Kenya we say sawa!!

  2. ChomseClan says:

    We are currently living in Lagos Nigeria (for the past 2 years, 4 months & 15 days)… but are awaiting our work permits for Niarobi…REALLY looking forward to moving there…..soon I hope!

  3. RogerM says:

    Hey there my Apple geek friend, just ran across your website again and spent some time reading. I really hope you are doing well and keeping safe. Still building and maintaining a datacenter out there? In general it reads that you are having quite the life adventure. Is Ms A still there too? If so, please give that very special young lady a hug from Uncle Roger for me.

    I know you most likely enjoy musice of other types but if you can, check out some stuff by Mary Gauthier (Mercy Now and I Drink), great writer and has a very intriging voice. She has a My SPace page and yes this old guy did buy here stuff on iTunes.

    Hey man, all the best and take care,

  4. Derek Vana says:

    you know, you think you know a guy and then BAM!! He’s a no-show at your wedding. And it’s not even ME he should have been there for, it was for Bex.

    Don’t worry, Matt to great care of us. So did Steve. Unless you’re Steve, I get confused.

    Hope all is well my friend. :-D

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