Comic Book CHNEPRYou may know me from:


the Statler





many an airport bar

However you happen to remember me, thanks for reading and do stay in touch.

mail: heartodarkness at chnepr dot com
aim: chnepr
msn: chnepr at hotmail dot com
yahoo: chnepr at yahoo dot com
gtalk: chnepr at gmail dot com


6 Responses to Who?

  1. joe says:

    you´re blog is pretty funny, in any event im planning on coming over to sudan as well soon. I´ve been working in the Middle East for the past 5 years, 3.5 spent in Iraq as a security contractor. Do you work for yourself or with a company ? Take it easy dude.. watch you´re 6

  2. Chadmonster says:

    Hey man. I don’t know if you were f’ing with me or not but something strange happened. I sent you an IM from MSN (kungfumaniac@gmail.com) and the person at the other end said that he was not you. I remember using this email before but now it seems to no longer be working. Hope all is well.

  3. George Kocis says:


    You’re blog is sooooo weird – I mean, very cool – but SOOOOO weird.

    OK, just wanted to say hola. Hope things are well and congrats to your dad.

    I guess we’ll never see you again in Bethlehem, huh?

    Hope you’re well!


  4. stryker412 says:

    Do you have the rest of these logos? I was hoping to use them as avatars on my forum. E-mail me back if you can.

  5. wanjuki says:

    My name is Francis and I enjoy reading your blog though am not really a blogger.
    I had one question. I am developing a travel site for Kenya and would want to have my link on your blog. Kindly let me know under what terms I can add a link to my site on your blog. I look forward to your reply.

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