Where Do Blogs Go When They Die?

February 4, 2010

Unfortunately no where. For the past year, my life in Africa wasn’t an adventure to be continuously blogged about. Sure, I saw the Taj Mahal, went to Australia, bought tickets for the World Cup, had a disaster of a safari with a close family member, ran an Oil Rig, and quit my job to go traveling, but it was just life. So although it’s about two years too late, it’s time to bring chnepr to a close.

Mostly because really can’t be bothered to take it down, and I know theres like three or four people who’ve come across it and enjoyed it. So that means this drivel will be on the internets forever until the end of time.

Just like my GeoCities, Orkut and Angelfire sites. . . .

Thanks for reading, and check out my travel site fromlondontocapetown.com, documenting mine and my girlfriend’s travels across four continents on the way to the world cup.

It’s been fun.

Thanks for reading.