The New Bar

I’m back in Juba, and we’ve got a new bar. We’re having a big grand opening on the 25th. I named the bar, designed the logo and composed all promotional materials like this ad, running all next week:

The bar ad

The white space is where the website for the bar goes. It has all the info not provided in the ad.

Sort of a teaser trailer, if you will.

Today, after lunch I was just walking by, and I saw two of my more senior local employees enjoying a beer.”

You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said aloud. “Are you drinking beers?”

“We are on break,” offered employee #1.”

It doesn’t matter. Let’s go to the office.”

“It is OK. I am strong,” replied employee #2.

“We’re gonna see how strong you are if you don’t move right now.”

“May I finish my beer?”



7 Responses to The New Bar

  1. intlxpatr says:

    WooooHoooo – way cool! What’s the name?

  2. Another bar in Juba! No wonder officials will continue to take beer for lunch where there is a bar at every other corner.

    D’Nile? Thought the banks of the nile in Juba were already filled with bars. Hope the price of beer is not 5USD.

  3. How’s 5 pounds? maybe we’ll see you saturday?

  4. I am not in Juba yet, but I’ll checkout the place once there.

    I’m not too familiar with the local currency, but did you say 5 sudanese pounds?


  5. Dr. K. K. says:

    Man you opened another bar in Juba and was angry at your employees chilling in one? What a paradox! I thought we had enough of those already. Anyway, it is business as usual.

    I have seen bars in the most unusual of places: right on the corner of the grave yard in Hai Malakal. And I had an uncle buried in that spot, now his grave is lost, mixed up with others. His bones scattered!

    Where is D’Nile? Not on another grave yard I hope!

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