I began The Best Month Ever on the 1st of June.

I landed in Nairobi on the 27th of June.

Now, 29 days later, I remain here, though for how long I do not know.

It’s been a nice few weeks. I’ve worked hard, and for the first fortnight, I partied hard. Raleigh was back from the field my first weekend and it was pretty monumental. We were out with Lex Luthor and The Wolf fending off hookers with empty champagne bottles.

The next night it Thai Food and Mojitos in Westlands with PonyTail.

No sooner had Raleigh left did Buckshot show up.

A houseparty with Jimmy and his Mountain Club pals. Then El Berkerino stopped in for a night of stupendous karaoke with Lex Luthor in Tail. We capped off a tuesday playing black jack at the InterCon until 3:00 AM along with two scotsmen and a couple skanks trying hard for taxi fare.

Later on it was off with PonyTail and Z to two house parties, and then to Florida to show Buckshot the Nairobi underbelly.

Sully, a new hire, arrived and I did some cooking, experimenting with hot wings and burgers for a new menu concept. We hit the Bedouin Lounge a couple times, had some great Indian food at The Open House, and lost some money at the race course across the street from our house.

We’ve been discussing the usual crap. He’s a bit older than me and is trying to impart some wisdom, but finding it difficult since I’ve got this life thing pretty much figured out.


That’s the last month up until now: the one year anniversary of chnepr.

That’s right, loyal reader.
Bruce Lee loves birthdays!

All six of you.

This marks 365 days of incoherent, distended, prose-riddled, short-paragraphed drivel about my B-movie life.

It looks like it I’m in for another year of this craziness.

But it also looks like I won’t be going it alone this time around.


5 Responses to Anniversary

  1. intlxpatr says:

    Happy anniversary, Hearto. Am I the only non family member in your six loyal readers??? LLLLLLLLOOOOOLLLLL

  2. I think I exaggerated, intxpatr. I do believe you are my ONLY loyal reader!!!

  3. I’m counted among your disloyal readers, douchebag. And way to end that last post with a teaser. Not going it alone? I wonder who could be joining you…Hmmm?

    My guess is that the ghost of Bruce Lee will now keep you company for a full year. But that’s only a guess.

  4. the mama says:

    whoa! how can I not be counted amongst the most loyal of loyal – if not royal readers!!!! I read this days ago but did not look at the comments till now – !

  5. Steve says:

    I’d be more loyal, cept as a goyum I’m not allowed to be too friendly with you or a loose my spot at the weekly International Jewish Conspiracy Club. Sorry.

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