Munich, Day Two: Drinking and Eating

We slept late and went to square where more polka was being played.  We had  some sausage and beer.


Then iced machiattos and some cake.  And some pie.  


Hofbrauhuas beerThen off to the Hofbräuhaus and had pretzels and beer.  Monumental mugs of beer. There was a Hofbräuhaus in vegas.  I went there once, but it kind of sucked.  The beer wasn’t that great, it was about nine bucks a mug and the food was terrible. But this was the real deal.  Cold, frothy litres, polka, pretzels and the warm sun of western Europe in June.  


After two mugs apiece, headed back to the room to relax and annoy the hell out of each other.


It was beautiful.


I really wanted to go to McDonalds again since I was fiending for some McNuggets. I’d forgotten what convenience and familiarity was like.  


I convinced The Girl to go along 


Then off to a mexican restaurant for margaritas.


We randomly met up with El Capitan, one of the greatest living human beings in the history of mankind.  I had worked with El Capitan in Macau, Tokyo, and Vail.


We recounted the old times in various places, realizing that Tokyo was nearly two years ago and vail more than two


It was at this moment, drinking margaritas with El Capitan that I realized he was the first friend I’d seen in the past nine months besides Raleigh and Buckshot.  Though I thoroughly enjoy my new friends, and I still count meeting wonderful new people as a favourite activity, it didn’t hit me how much I missed talking with someone who had a history of friendship and experiences.


El Capitan went off to bed and The Girl and I found a hotel and had some cocktails.  With nice restaurants, bars, polka, and platzes, I actually felt home.  It was like i was at ‘Fest, but with less white homies and high schoolers.  


After a manhattan or three, we realized we spent the entire day, eating, drinking, laughing and loving.  


It couldn’t’ve been better.   


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