Munich, Day Three: Schnitzel and Marky Mark

I woke up with The Girl, but she had to go off to work.  


I lazed about, booked some hotels and tickets and waited for her to come back so we could grab some lunch.


I had pork schnitzel stuffed with cheese and bacon and my heart nearly stopped.  


Homer: “I’ll have your finest food stuffed with your second finest food!”

Waiter: “Very well sir.  Lobster stuffed with tacos.”


The restaurant amused me Old ladies tucking into enormous plates of spaetzle and sausage and schnitzel and potato salad at 12:00 on a tuesday were downing tall glasses of straw coloured beer.  


“This place is awesome,” asserted the InMo.


I decided to head off to the movies.  There was a place just off the platz where they showed movies in English. I was really hoping for Spiderman Three or Die Hard Four or Pirates Three or even Hot Fuzz, but all I got was some movie with Marky Mark and Danny Glover.  




Still, I had the whole theatre to myself and was stoked to be in a room with a big screen, a bag of popcorn and a ridiculously large coke.


Walking back I picked up a sticker for the guitar case and met up with El Capitan and The Girl and we all went to dinner.


I had a caesar salad and a rare filet mignon and we shared a couple bottles of Austrian Pinot that was decidedly old world in aroma and flavour, but new world in body and finish.  It was quite delicious.


We told stories and laughed shared dessert.  


El Capitan headed back to the hotel and we said our goodbyes. 


The Girl and I headed to the Hofbräuhaus, but it closed at 11:30, so we went off to a cabaret.  


I had extended my stay one day longer than planned. 


I was really glad I did.


But I had to catch an early flight to Athens the next day Piraeus and figure out where the hell I was going next.     



One Response to Munich, Day Three: Schnitzel and Marky Mark

  1. Steve says:

    The Shooter!!! I most recently had the displeasure of watching that on my latest transatlantic jaunt. Though to be honest it beat the billy bob thorton movie about the cowboy who built a rocketship in his barn.

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