Crete, Day One, Part Three: More Ruins

Going up the 4R was much easier than going down.  Fighting gravity, I felt more in control of the clown car, getting up the hill in nearly half the time.


I rarely like turning around and going back the way I came when exploring, but I was out of options.  I had more ruins to see and oceans in which to swim.  


I trailed back until I saw some signs and figured out I had just been to Tris Eklissies. Almost as soon as I figured out where I was and the direction in which I wanted to go, I happened upon the ruins of Gortys.  


An interesting mix of Roman and Greek, this housed some ancient greek code of law that was carved into a wall.

Code carved in Gortys


I was outta there in less than twenty minutes.


However, I saw a postcard in the gift shop showing a picture of Matala. I went back to my map and saw that the venerable Matthew had circled it and Feistos


A passing sign indicated that the ruins of Feistos were on the way.


Some curved roads, a stop for a Fanta, and I was there.


It was about mid day at this point but no one was around Feistos.  


Must’ve been lunchtime or the tour the pottery factory or something.  


It was mostly steps.  For old steps, these stairs were pretty impressive, but I really like the floor which still showed a mondrianesque array of white squares bordered by red veins.  I did notice that just like at Knossos, there were deep round holes in the ground.  Apparently Archaeologists think these cisterns were used rubbish or grain storage.


I laughed at this, screamed, ‘Red Sauce on Pasta!” and punted a Persian into the pit in slow motion.

Red Sauce on Pasta 300 source: 


After a number of photos of steps and rubble, I hopped back in the clown car and made my way to Matala.  


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