Paros, Day Two: Scooting

I woke up at about 11:00 shocked that I slept that much.

I knew what I was gonna do.

I packed a bag with a book and my camera and a towel and high tailed off to the scooter rental shop.

I got a little 50cc scooter and scooted like I meant it. I went all over the island. I got lost, went to just about every beach, from Parasporos to Golden beach to Aliki to Kalithimbres, to a little spot I couldn’t find on the map where I had a big plate of tziki and day old bread served to me by a guy who looked like he should a have a nickname like Salty or, Dogfish.

Parasporos was nice, quiet, with cool water. I did some climbing on the rocks in hopes of finding a spot I could do some cliff jumping. Though there were some high spots over deep water, there were no exit points. The only I found was disappointment and a dead dolphin floating in a tidal pool.


Parasporos was supposedly famous for topless sunbathers, all I saw was two equally enormous, assumedly German women.

Being an American, I have this romanticized idea topless beaches, the fantasy that the sand will be spread with semi-nude nubile nymphs. Alas, all I saw was the buxom broads with breasts like boxing gloves.

The little spot where I had the taziki and the bread was near a tiny white walled and blue domed church.

Aliki was a great little spot, off the tourist path and full of little bistros overlooking the clear blue.I actually looked forward to leaving the beaches since the scooter was so much fun.I took the little bastard up to about 75 Km, pushing it to its limits.At one point, I was even singing Born to Be Wild at the top of my lungs.

Pretty sad in retrospect.

Golden beach was probably the nicest, I think it was named for the shingin golden sand glittering in the sun from silica or mica or something.

Kalithimbres, a beautiful collection of beaches between smooth outcroppings of rocks, was my favorite spot of all. So picturesque, the crescents of sand, the coves of glittering silica enclosed by low, rounded cliffs.

Then, I completed the circle around and arrived back in Pariki.

It was a great, day and only I crashed the scooter once.

Good thing it wasn’t right in front of a gas station or that would’ve been really embarassing.

And good thing I didn’t write about it on the internet.

Aw crap.


One Response to Paros, Day Two: Scooting

  1. intlxpatr says:

    Arrrgghhhh! Where are you NOW??

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