Paros, Day One, Part Two: The Guesthouse

The hotel was a little guest house just off the main drag in Parikia, and  my balcony had the tiniest glimpse of blue.

But it had AC and a fridge and I was convinced I did get the best deal on the island.

I set about walking to explore.  I bought a towel, a delicious chicken gyro with taziki and onions and french fries all wrapped up in a soft warm Pita.  I bought a cheap t-shirt and immediately cut off the sleeves. It was time to say goodbye to the South Sudan farmer’s tan.

I did some more exploring, finding the bars, the clubs, the shops, and the restaurants and saw that the majority of Parikia consisted of winding streets through whitewashed buildings.  I navigated a few of these streets and found mostly mom shops and decided that though they were picturesque, I did not need any potpourri.

It was time for the beach.

I spent a few hours on the beach only to be aurally accosted by the screams of an American high school volleyball team.  Four years ago, a flock half naked high school girls would have been manna from heaven, but at my age, it was more of a bother.

I packed my things and headed for a beer.

I sign caught my eye: Ice cold beer 1.70 euro.

I walked in an discovered it to be a Mexican restaurant.  Now this was manna.  I had chips and salsa and ended up meeting the owner and her friend.  Both wonderful Brits, I promised I’d be back.

That night I could not bring myself to party.  I was so tired from bouncing around, I stayed in and watched a few episodes of Entourage and a movie.

The next day I was gonna scoot.


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