Athens Day Three: Museum Date

Unbelievably, and against all odds, GreekGirl did show up and even remembered my name.  And I remembered hers.  Within minutes she was talking about her boyfriend in the ultimate of chick defenses.  It was understadnable.  I mean, I obviously come off as educated, charming, suave and a number of other adjective, but they Richard Ramirez did as well.  So I fired right back about how when my girlfriend travels alone I worry about her.  


That seemed to put her at ease.  


The first few moments of the day were awkward.  She broke out her map even though I said I knew where I was going.  Then she did it again.  


We sort of did our own thing at the museum, look at what we wanted and then reconvening a few minutes later to discuss the funny stuff.  I enjoyed the votives that were just little piece of boob, butt, or crotch, that represented prayers or wishes to the gods.  


I guess even in AD 125, people wanted a nicer ass.


I also enjoyed the statue of Athena getting unwanted advances from Pan and holding her sandal up in defense. A shoe?  “Who throws a shoe?  Honestly!”


There were a lot of marble heads and a lot vases and jugs.  Reconstructed Bronze statues gold cups and plates that seemed so fragile one could almost crush them with a finger.


After three hours in the museum, GreekGirl and I both agreed that we had had enough of the jugs.


Not sure what would happen now, I left it up to her.  “I’ve gotta get back to the hostel at somepoint ot make some skype calls and get some things booked online.  You got anything planned for the rest of the day?”


“Not really.  I could use some lunch”


“Wanna walk down to the market and get some lunch?”




At this point we really got talking.  About everything.  I had gained a little trust.  We had lunch and chatted away and away about music and family and our better halves and about gifts and siblings and life and it was really pleasant sharing the experience with someone


We walked around the flea market and I pondered the Bouzouki again.  I realized I might hafta get one.


We walked around for a good two more hours and I realized she hadn’t taken her map out in quite some time.  


I smiled, and pointed it out.


You seem to know exactly where you’re going.   


We said our goodbyes with a handshake at the foot of the Agora.


It was a lovely random day.  


3 Responses to Athens Day Three: Museum Date

  1. the mama says:

    Wow – what a saga of travels and beauty and love! How come you got to go to Greece and the island of before me? I am almost weepy from reading! Be safe on your return – we are now in the
    SOUTH – it has been amazing and traumatic at the same time!

  2. the mama says:

    Sorry about errrors on previous!

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