This one passed through our bar yesterday.

So I’m holding a little training class this afternoon.

US $100 bill and counterfeit side by side

The front on the fake is a little off center and the ink is either too green or not green enough.

Bad watermark

I think the water mark could use a little work.

My staff is convinced it came from Somalia.

I blurred out the serials, but please tell me if I’m breaking some kind of law by posting this.


5 Responses to Counterfeit

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    It is realy amazing to me people are so dumb, that they can’t tell the diferance betwin a authentic note, and a cheap peace of crap ink jet / laser printer note,

    I dont even have to have that note you are holding in your hand, right in my hand to see it is just some type of ink jet or laser printer type of fake bill

    On the frist pic, you can tell right away, the diference, look at the top bill, it is a genuine note printed by the intaglio fine printing process, the intaglio proces produces a very fine detail image, in fact no other type of printing can produce such a fine image with such depth and such fine detail,

    the bottom note, on the other hand looks fussy blurry i mean just look at them, compare them, also on the other picture where you show the water makrs, you can tell the difernce, the one on the right is the authentic note, it has that distintic yello’ish tone, there is no other paper that look’s or feals like the especial paper used to print the us dollar,

    just look at the other bill, it looks white!, i can see it’s probably just cheap paper

    you should also just look at the plastice strips of bills, there is no ink jet or laser printer or any kind of printer for that matter, that can reproduce the plastic strips inside the bills

    i think it is imposible for regular people to actually produce a real high quality counterfeit note, like the so called “super note” from North Korea

  2. Bruce G says:

    Mark Wilson is offensive with his comments. It is not so easy to detext a counterfeit $100 bill especially given the right conditions and circumstances. However, I would opine one is more stupid and sounds dumber when they mis-spell common English, as Mark Wilson has done in his comment. Keep up the good work Mark! (You may not realize the last sentence was sarcastic!)

  3. Bruce G says:

    one more thing…detext was a “typo” whereas Mark’s spelling is just horroble! ESL my friend or just un-educated. Lastly, the counterfeit note on this site is not ink-jet/toner production! It is either silkscreen or offset lithography production. How do I know? I have a brother who works in the federal agency who invetigates counterfeit currency.

  4. Mike M says:

    Bruce G is right i think it is a bill made on a press mainly because i found a site that describes how they make a fake and this bill looks exactly like it check it out its a long read but pretty cool here it is

    hope you enjoy the artical as much as i did

  5. Fat Albert says:

    You should contact the authorities immediately.

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