$50 for a t-shirt?

CHNEPR has become a place where I proclaim thing about which I am proud, and sometimes things about which I am ignoble.

Sometimes such proclamations fall under both.

See, this morning, in a groggy, half-awake-taking-my-Doxycycline, I made an impulse-buy. I paid $50 for a t-shirt. Actually, $50.50 for this shirt:
Daring Fireball Limited edition

What’s so special? Wellllll, it’s a limited run of 75 shirts—I am a T-shirt afficionado—and it comes with year long membership to Daring Fireball.  Not only is Gruber one of the most popular people on Twitter, but he’s a damn good writer, and web designer.  And a mac user to boot.

With a subscription, I get full, unbridled access to customized RSS feeds.

Adds the InMo, “Now why won’t this tape hold my glasses together?”

So why am I compunctious? Aren’t I a self professed geek?  I’ve spent more on a bottle of wine.  I’ve spent more on lap dances in a 6-song window of time.

“Vegas, baby.  Vegas.”

Shut up, InMo.

Thing is; this afternoon a groundskeeper came into the office, hoping for a weekly bonus. He always smiles, says, “morning,’ when he’s sweeping, or cleaning or wiping, no matter the hour of the day.  I don’t think he understood that bonuses are based on merit and are fairly subjective, certainly not earned every week.

It was then I realized that this shirt cost me little bit more than the amount the seven groundskeepers collectively earned today.

At least it will look better on me than the dude in the picture.


6 Responses to $50 for a t-shirt?

  1. missabby says:

    Well, I hope it fits well…

  2. Portia says:

    oh when i think about how i start bitching about the extra 70 cents this bay-side place tacks on the usual 1 dollar (US) it costs to buy a beer here… but seriously, i went to visit a family in desperate poverty this week and their rent (which they could NOT pay) cost them $100 (US) a year. as i left, resisting the overwhelming urge to just GIVE it to them, I thought about how much me and my friends spent on dinner the night before. rather sickening. sigh… i guess you spend it if you got it.

  3. Intlxpatr says:

    “It was then I realized that this shirt cost me little bit more than the amount the seven groundskeepers collectively earned today.”

    I love that line. It shows your heart. And I imagine because you have those thoughts, you don’t fail to be generous – tipping, bonuses, charitable giving where it might make a difference . . . good on ya.

  4. Don’t feel bad, bro. I just wrote the biggest damn check of my life to put a deposit on the contract for the co-op apartment I’m buying. How big? I’ll give you a hint. There were five numbers and no decimal points.

    So by your comparison, I just bought eleven groundskeepers for twenty years. Give or take. The irony? No backyard in the new place.

  5. Margie Williams says:

    We’ll bring the shirt to you in May – it arrived here to our surprise! Love M

  6. paxil says:

    in Germany and then in the United States

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