Stevenote 007: Completely Unbiased, Informed, & Educated Predictions

Ahh January. The brilliant azure skies, the cool mornings, and sunny afternoons. The sound of Vervet and Colubus Monkeys calling in the avocado trees and the smell of the green, green grass. Tough crap, NYC: that’s what January is like in Kenya.

But back in the States, not just cold; it’s time for speculation.

Completely Unbiased, Informed, & Educated Macworld Predictions:


ilife04Updated for sure. And yeah I know it’s an old pic. The new ones are stupid. Expect improvements across all the iApps, and of course look for Numbers or whatever they’re gonna call the spreadsheet app for iWork. For the wildcard, I’m gonna call a mystery product lurking about like when GarageBand was introduced. What would this app be? well if I told you it wouldn’t be a mystery. . .


iTVContrary to Thinksecret‘s belief, I think we’re gonna get a a real product name, a launch date, and an upgraded remote. It was highly uncharacteristic to give a sneak preview, and to go through Macworld and not release this would not be good for the product or Apple. As well, have a feeling this product will be much cooler than we had originally thought. There’ll be a hard drive in it, a powerful widgetting version of Front Row, and other crazy stuff to make is worth $299.


iTunesThe iTunes Store will get more movies from more studios, and HD options for downloading. Why else would iTV have an HDMI port? Also, we’re gonna see some more games pop up. Definitely for the iPod, but I won’t rule out other Apple platforms. While I’d really like to see free ad supported content and video rentals, I’m not gonna hold my breath.


Cinema DisplayI think the Cinema Displays are gonna start looking and behaving more like TVs. Look for integrated iSights, 1080p HD across the board, HDMI support, perhaps even component inputs. I’d like to see significant price reductions, but perhaps after this Macworld, there’ll be a good reason to pay a premium. And you heard it here first: a 42-incher will rear it’s brushed-aluminum head.


iSightA new, sleeker, lower priced USB-external iSight with infa-red capabilities and Apple remote support bringing Front Row to older Macs. The old iSight was quietly EOLed last months and was due for an update anyway. Actually, what the hell. What about wireless support? Yeah. Bluetooth or 802.11n. The way things are going these days wireless in anything is beginning to make sense.


iPodNo updates since it would snub all the christmas purchases. In the past, I believe, updated iPods were released in February or March, so people didn’t feel so bad. The one exception might be at MWSF ’05, when the first shuffle was unveiled. Therefore, new product categories are fair game. With the high iPod at $349, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new $499 high end device. . .


iPhoneAttention everyone! Duke Nukem Forever will be release in an iPod only format!! It’s one thing when loser bloggers like myself talk abotu completely unfounded speculation. But when analyst after professional analyst does it too, it’s jsut sad. This one is not gonna happen despite all the rumour-mongering. Apple Needs too much control. I won’t rule out a later release though.

MacBook Nano:

MacBookGoing out a limb here, and backing Jason O’Grady. No, not because I’m a dreamer. I have my reason. Something has always bothered me about the state of Mac notebooks offerings since the iBook was first release in 1999. A look at Apple’s product matrix will show you something: three is the magic Number:

Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini
iPod, iPod nano, iPod shuffle
Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, iMovie
Logic Pro, Logic Express, Garage Band
Aperture, iPhoto, Preview
30″ Cinema Display, 23″, 20″
MacBook Pro, ???????, MacBook

Flash based, mid priced at $1999, no optical drive, and a sporting a 12″ LCD, the MacBook Nano will be Apple’s entry into the ultraportable market. Now I have no sources to back this up, but then again neither does thinksecret, macrumors, or appleinsider. They make shit up as they go along just like me.

So there you have it. High hopes, I know. But I have a feeling we’ll see even more.

Stay tuned for Completely Unbiased, Informed, and Educated Predictions for the 007 NFL PLayoffs.


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