Sudan: 28 down, 165 to go

A Russian cargo plane packed with dry goods, produce, frozen meat, diesel fuel, cyrillic characters, and a couple white boys arrived safely in Rumbek, Sudan this past Wednesday. As it did, I knocked another country off the list, but I after a discussion with my girlfriend realized it might not be 28 after all.

  1. I was too young to remember Fiji.
  2. I’m pretty sure I hit up New Zealand at somepoint, but once again, youth clouds the answer.
  3. Bermuda, is a territory or a commonwealth or something, so it’s not really country.
  4. Hong Kong is an SAR, also not really a country, but not really not a country.
  5. Same with with Macau.
  6. Taiwan was just a stop in the airport so it doesn’t count to begin with. I suppose that China and the US don’t even recognize its sovereignty to begin with.
  7. And Vatican City voluntarily abdicated UN membership. Can a country really be a country if it’s just a bunch of old queens? That’s right. Vatican city is just the Chelsea of Rome

All this was very troublesome until I realized it’s rather pointeless:

  1. I’m going to hell for that bit about vatican city.
  2. I’ve still been more places than you.

4 Responses to Sudan: 28 down, 165 to go

  1. abby says:

    Well I guess that means that my legitimate 25 is better then your fake 28?

  2. Virtual smackdown by the girlfriend! Score one for Abby! I remember Fiji and NZ, so do they count for me? Funny story from each of them though: you fell from the top bunk of the RV in New Zealand and you bit off a chunk of your tongue in Fiji. If you’ve drawn blood in the country, does it count as a visit?

  3. Essa Morty says:

    your way to beautiful gir. Essa Morty.

  4. Huda Swithun says:

    see it’s very define,your one of a kin. Huda Swithun.

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