Microsoft Unfazed Showing off their Ding-a-ling

ZuneZune is not only Microsofts attempt to dethrone the iPod.

It is not only the world’s first brown MP3 Player.

It is not just vaporware.

It is apparently a Québécois euphemism for a child’s private parts.

In addition to being dubbed the Micro Soft Penis, the Zune will have its own closed-system download marketplace, akin to the iTunes/iPod model. The real buzzfeature is the incorporation of wireless capabilities so Zune can access DRMed music from other Zunes, thus bringing social networking to the music download market. What M$ fails to realize, is that to share music via the Zune wireless network, more than one person has to own one.

The Zune was unavailable for comment.
MySpace shrugged.

Creative, SanDisk, URGE, Rhapsody and Samsung, all felt mislead by PlaysForSure.

I put more tape on my glasses.

iPod issued the statement, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m da Juggernaut, bitch!”


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