Not bad for a Rookie


Looks like I was pretty close with my predictions:

The new iPods nanos are indeed reminscent of the old minis.

The iPod was indeed bumped to 80 gigs.

iTunes movies were added without the support of the major studio, aside from Disney.

Granted I didn’t see the new shuffle coming, nor the iPod games, but who’s counting? (3/5)

I did immediately DL the new version of iTunes and the organization features are fine, but I must say the new browse by album feature is the coolest thing since Exposé. I’d toyed around with CoverFlow before, but I didn’t like having to launch a second application.

The way the album covers turn and curve like a shuffled deck of cards makes finding albums fun.

Now. Where did I put that tape for my glasses?


2 Responses to Not bad for a Rookie

  1. abby says:

    I think you have found your calling…

  2. […] I couldn’t find a reason not to let him borrow my shuffle. It was falling apart, and new models were just introduced. But it had sentimental value. I let my comrade borrow the 512 mb player, but I had a sinking feeling I’d never see my beloved shuffle again. […]

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