Election Shirt: Stewart/Colbert ’08

Be the coolest liberal on your block with the bleeding heart shirt. Or if you’re not that hadrcore, try the Stewart/Colbert ’08 Election shirt on for size.

‘…on for size…’ Get it?

Unfortunately even 3XL is on back order, so it would seem that those snarky college students have gotten the jump on this one. The other issue is that this is a BustedTee. If you don’t know it already, no matter how cool the the bustedtee happens to be, the model manages to dork it up enough that even I haven’t ever bought one.

That said, let’s talk about the ticket.  I didn’t like the Colbert Report at first, as I’d have rather just had an hour of The Daily Show. It wasn’t until I saw Colbert tear our President to shreds right to his face that I realized how he great was.

Still, as much as some of us want this to happen, Hollywood is already addressing the issue, so we can be sure it never will. How can I be so sure? Has the core of the earth stopped spinning?


And I don’t think it ever will.


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