Special Event September 12

Apple event announcementApple has sent an invitation to members of the press about a special event to be hosted at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. It was similar events last year that introduced the iPod Nano, and the iPod Video about a year ago.

What will be introduced this time around? The obvious explanation, if the iLounge picture is from the actual invitation, is of course an iTunes movie store. The rumor sites are abuzz with fanciful possibilities, including iPhones, new iMacs, streaming video servers, widescreen video iPods, flash iPods up to 20 GB.

My Prediciton:

  • upgraded iPod videos: 40 and 80 gigs
  • iTunes Movie store from Disney and Lions Gate, 9.99 for old titles, 14.99 for new ones
  • Redesigned iPod nanos reverting to the anodized aluminum enclosure like the old minis
  • 802.11n enabled Newton tablet with holographic touchscreen interface running OSX lite

UPDATE: iMacs were updated today with a new 24-inch model. Do notice how this was absent from my initial predicitons… … …


2 Responses to Special Event September 12

  1. […] Looks like I was pretty close with my predictions: […]

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