Atlas ShruggedInterestingly enough, I found out some statistical information on CHNEPR.

  1. The day I sent out the mass email, 200 people viewed this page.
  2. It is shocking how much that’s declined.
  3. Someone from each continent has see CHENEPR
  4. Incidentally, CHNEPR is now the top result for “Seinfeld Toothbrush” on Google. My apologies to Seinfeld fans everywhere who were looking for something pertinent and legitimate.
  5. Given the Seinfeld toothbrush info, I bet if I write africa blog nairobi kenya american expat more often I might get better results in other areas.
  6. The only other meaning of CHNEPR is chest and neck protection.


Just writing these facts makes me feel differently about the drivel I’ve been posting. I think I might post something informative or important someday.


africa blog nairobi kenya american expat

africa blog nairobi kenya american expat



3 Responses to Stats

  1. Somavilla says:

    Busy as I was with a few projects of my own, I didn’t have time to catch up on your posts. I did this morning, though. Immediately afterwards I went down to the 25th Street Garage, handed the attendant all my money ($3.50) and demanded to be shot in the face with the power washer.

    I’m sure you haven’t forgotten, but I’m greatly anticipating your Zagat survey of Mombasa.

  2. […] Remember when I postulated about the words africa blog nairobi kenya expat? […]

  3. ass parade
    1 Gofobern

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