The Stingray Hunter?

Crocodile hunterSteve Irwin died today after being struck in the chest by a stingray.

Jack Hanna and Jeff Corwin spent the day hugging eachother and sobbing.

Irwin is said to have exclaimed, “Crikey!” as the sting ray approached.

He was, however, underwater at the time.

Transcript is as follows:

Irwin: “Glub-glub!”

Stingray: “thud.”

No word on how utterly abusive he was to the poor stingray, or how he could have possibly manhandled the normally docile creature badly enough to provoke it to attack him

Crocodiles every where are pissed that they will never have their revenge.


2 Responses to The Stingray Hunter?

  1. Erika says:

    OK Joe, that really isn’t the nicest thing to be saying when the poor guy just died and his family is suffering!
    How are things in Kenya???

  2. Tick-tock says:

    That’s a crying shame!

    Crocs, gators, cobras, asps, and constrictors have been bidding for that genetic throwback’s hide on e-bay for years!

    Who gets it? Whose is the final bid?
    A lazy fish that doesn’t even bother to swim upright!

    Where’s the point in that!?
    Guess it’s in Steve!!

    I’d go cry myself to sleep if it wasn’t for that damned clock in my guts.

    Phuck pirates – and phuck Steve Irwin!

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