OK. So it was a Club.

Remember the guy who works the tent factory by day and by night guards the compound and carries a stick? Yeah. Apparently he never sleeps. I was trying to finish up some work detailing new user groups in Dynamics this evening. However, after a quick bite, it seemed the wireless had gone dead.

So I had to hike over to base camp to restart the router. As I approached the compound gate, one of the guards let me pass, and as I sut the gate behind me I turn around and am surprisedly met by my friend with the stick. I try to chat, even though he didn’t speak much English, I was trying to find out about why he carried it.

So I point to the stick and ask what it is. It’s not that I didn’t believe the answer from Swahili-fluent-Jen, I was just trying to make conversation on our walk ot the tents. He then demonstrates with a fluid, graceful motion of his right hand, he flipped me off.

runguWell, no, not really. But he did he motion how he would throw it and then showed me the very sharp, whittled end. From nowhere he produced his rungu and motioned with a flick of his wrist how he would crack someone’s skull with it.

I restarted the router and when I turned around he wasn’t there. Not like in a batman puff of smoke. He just walked away.

I guess I was doing most of the talking anyway.

Between my friend with the rungu and the throwing dagger and the guys with bows and arrows I hope somebody figures out how to get by the electric fence.


3 Responses to OK. So it was a Club.

  1. Jen says:

    Aw, I love being linked…
    I probably should have mentioned that the symbol of power and manliness is also a very effective weapon. I had a friend who liked to carry a rungu to threaten feces-wielding street urchins in Nairobi…hopefully you won’t ever be one the receiving end of either.

  2. Can I request a post about any feces-wielding urchins you may or may not encounter? Just a suggestion.

  3. Em says:

    JOE! hey man how is it goin? interestingly it seems you’ve got better internet access than i do here in the states. after 2.5 weeks of waiting i finally have internet again and can check out your obviously cool shit. which leads me to the purpose of this post:
    1. that is a cool fucking club.
    2. did you just happen to have a piece of green velvet lying around for background, or is that standard on most modern rungu’s now?
    3. next time you see this man give him a golf ball.
    4. how long are you in africa for? once i graduate i’d like to get over there and see you and laurie. just some future dreams.
    well take care
    lil em

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