Nearly Two Weeks…

big white planeWhen I started my first job out of school I believed I could use it as a stepping stone into account management. After a while, I began to think the only thing it would prepare me for was disappointment and poverty.

In the past two weeks, however, I have been proven wrong.

About the disappointment thing.

The poverty thing was spot-on.

Thing is, that strangely enough nothing seems, well, strange. After galavanting The past two weeks haven’t really been anything out of the ordinary:

Fly to new place.
Meet new people
Work on new project.
Drink a new beer
Sleep in new bed
Pay a new woman.

You know, like buy her a drink, or something?

You’re a filthy bastard.
I don’t mean to trivialize the experience, and too you I might seem jaded, but maybe that’s what I am. I am an experience? No I am jaded. I’m not sure what I expected when I arrived, but my heart wasn’t all a aflutter* on the flight out. I was nervous that I might not find my ride, have enough fund to make it till the first paycheck, get into the country, etc. All the little jitters I had were because I was starting a new job, not necessarily a new job on a new continent.

Granted, I’m now settling in to more of an ‘tent’ role, and the days are becoming somewhat more routine. Of course, I haven’t yet started hopping about the Serengeti and the Sudan, and I’m not even close to getting started on spearheading the two biggest projects of my professional career to date, so I am by no means unhappy/bored/pissed/let down.

I’m just surprised how easy it seems right now.

Keep reading to see how I feel in a couple months.

*jiminy, i can’t believe I actually wrote “heart…aflutter”^.
^christ, I can’t believe I just wrote “jiminy.”  Good thing I didn’t post this on the internet.+
+aww crap.


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