Seinfeld ToothbrushJerry’s girlfriend uses a toothbrush that he dropped in the toilet. Of course, he’s so hilariously neurotic that he has to beat her with a sack of oranges. Or something wacky and urban like that.

But even so. It was his toilet, wasn’t it? Not some strange, African toilet.

Most of my friends from school could, without much support, recite most of the episode after only seeing the picture and reading the word, “toothbrush.” I don’t typically remember Seinfeld details. Though at one time I was a crack shot at Saved by the Bell plots….

Yet from the Seinfeld episode in question, I remember one detail quite vidily. The moment after he drops the toothbrush, the shot cuts to inside the toilet—through the still rippling water—looking up at Jerry looking down in shock, surprise, and utter disbelief.

It’s like how can you drop a toothbrush? Brushing your teeth is an every day, habitual, repetitive action. When was the last time you stabbed yourself in the nose with a fork? Or have you ever tried to start car with the keys in the cigarette lighter? With the toothbrush, I guess I could understand a bobble here, juggle there, but a full-on drop? And if ever you do drop it: kerplunk, right in the bowl.

Like toast landing butter side down.

Now, Jerry’s dilemma was that through all the crap about the toothbrush, he had to break up with his girlfriend.

My dilemma, is that the most exciting thing about my Monday was going to buy a new toothbrush.


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  1. […] Incidentally, CHNEPR is now the top result for “Seinfeld Toothbrush” on Google. My apologies to Seinfeld fans everywhere whop were looking for something pertinent and legitimate. […]

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